Have you been thinking about making a change? An Invisalign change perhaps? Well then look no further than Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for all your Invisalign needs. Dr. Yokochi and Staff have been designated as Preferred Providers by Invisalign due to their years of experience and the volume of cases that they treat. Here at Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we go above and beyond to treat all your cosmetic dentistry needs, that is why we are the best Invisalign Provider in Huntington Beach. Your visit with us begins when you first come in for your consultation with Dr. Yokochi, he will listen to your concerns, explain the treatment and examine your dental anatomy to determine if you would be a great case for Invisalign alignment. Next, he will craft a customized treatment plan to suit your needs, which will take into account everything you talked about during your consultation. Then, Ruby our dental assistant will taken an impression of your teeth and send them off to Invisalign, where you custom alignment trays will be milled. You’ll come back to our office once your trays have been delivered and we will assist you in placing in your first trays and explain the Dos and Don’ts of managing your Invisalign trays.

Wondering what kind of problems Invisalign can treat? Invisalign can take care of everything from over crowding, to gapped teeth, to overbite. Even excessive overjet, open bite and narrow arches can be a thing of the past with Invsialign. Still wondering if Invisalign is for you? Invisalign isn’t just a cosmetic procedure, misaligned teeth can also be detrimental for your oral health. Invisalign can reduce the risk of chips, breaks and wear due to misaligned teeth. Properly aligned teeth are less likely to develop pockets and have a lower instance of receding gums. And with correctly aligned teeth, it will make maintaining oral hygiene easier, by reducing irregular spaces where plaque and bacteria can hide. Still not convinced? Poorly aligned teeth can place excess stress not only on your teeth, but on your jawbone as well, causing further oral problems. So what are you waiting for? Call the Preferred Invisalign Providers at Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are the best provider of Invisalign in the area, and can give you the pain-free experience you have been looking for. Dr. Yokochi and staff at Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry will give you the best dental experience you have ever had. What are you waiting for call now!