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At Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we are experienced in placing dental implants. Dr. Yokochi has over 30 years of experience in the dental field, and is one of the most highly regarded dentists in Orange County, having won the Consumers’ Research Council’s America’s Top Dentist Award in 2011. If you’re new to Orange County and looking for a highly regarded dentist, look no further then Dr. Yokochi and staff at Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. You might be asking yourself, is an implant right for me? Implants are a great choice for anyone looking to fill a gap in their teeth. Implants structurally and aesthetically mimic your natural teeth. You can eat your favorite foods, play your favorite sports and treat your implant as a part of your natural teeth. But you might be asking yourself what is the process of getting a dental implant. First, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Yokochi, who will answer all your questions and concerns and examine your jaw and gums to ensure that a implant can be safely placed. Next, we will examine your jaw to determine the precise location to place your dental implant. Then, we will take impressions and place your implant. After your implant has had sufficient time to heal, we will take a set of final impressions and place a artificial tooth over your implant.

We will be hand-in-hand with you throughout the process. From the moment you enter the door and are greeted by our friendly staff to when Dr. Yokochi sits down for your consultation, you will be taken care of like family. That is the Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry difference. We go above and beyond to please and help our patients, because your satisfaction is our highest priority. But, don’t take our word for it, ask the patients you will meet in the lobby, or check us out on social media.

Are you wondering how to pay for your new Dental Implant? Well don’t worry. At Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we partner with Care Credit to develop affordable payment plans that will give you piece of mind and allow you to get the dental procedures you need. That is the Beach Family & Cosmetic Dentistry difference, make an appointment today and experience the difference.